Some of What Youth Ministry Does…

Community Service:

1-    Nursing Home- Pick, Paint and Deliver Pumpkins to the residents

2-   Food Bank- assist the Community Food Bank of NJ with their mission to feed the hungry throughout our state

3-   Rake and Run- help out the disabled and elderly of the community by raking their leaves so they do not have to struggle themselves.

4-   The Advent Giving Tree Project- coordinate, collect, assort, and distribute the donated presents to their respective charities

5-   Relay for Life- fundraise for the American Cancer Society and walk to fight cancer.


Serve the Parish:

1-    Stage the Living Stations of the Cross for Parish Lenten Prayer

2-   Change the message on the outside sign

3-   Work various parish events, including the Parish Clothing Drives and Santa Brunch

4-   Coordinate and run the Confirmation Retreat day

5-   Decorate the exterior of the church with Christmas Lights

6-   Coordinate and run the Children’s Easter Egg Hunt


Faith Development:

1-    Lock-In Retreat

2-   Discussion Circles

3-   Movie and Discussion Nights

4-   Q & A Nights

And much, much more.......