Relay Schedule

Email Rob ( to sign up for an open time - first person to request a shift gets it!
-Sending your top few choices is recommended!

The grid will be updated as frequently as possible.
End of Opening Ceremony - 7:00p
 7:00-7:30p Angela Pieros
 7:30-8:00pNicole Nugent
 8:00p-8:30p Danielle Nugent
8:30p-9:00pAlyson Wiese 
9:00p-Start of Luminaria CeremonyJerry Armstrong
End of Luminaria Ceremony-10:30pJess Malinchok 
 10:30-11:00pAmy Wysocki
 11:00-11:30pLindsey Hofschneider
11:30p-MidnightAngela DellaSerra
Midnight-12:30aRyan Palmer
 12:30-1:00aJacob Hasse
1:00-1:30aMackenzie Purcell
 1:30-2:00aMadisyn Padilla
2:00-2:30aJacob Lunn 
2:30-3:00aJyothi Maruthanal 
3:30-4:00aJustin Maruthanal
 4:30-5:00aTyler Chaillet