Permission Slips

Our Spring Permission Slips are available to download below. Hard copies are also available at meetings (initially distributed on 4/14).

Every YG member MUST turn in a completed permission slip in order to attend any of the trips/events. You will NOT be allowed to participate in the trip/event without a completed slip. NO exceptions.

We encourage all YG members to turn all of their permission slips together - that way you won't run the risk of forgetting on the morning of the trip, and we can check them in ahead of time to save time on the morning of the trip!

* As mentioned at meetings, in the handbook, etc. - ALL permission slips and any other notes for YG must be signed by your parent that signed the YG Book - If you do not have your permission slip correctly signed, you will not be permitted to attend the trip/event. *

**For proper printing, click the arrow to download the file, and then print from the Adobe Reader software (or other pdf viewer software).