Discount Card Flyer

Our 2020 YG Discount Cards have arrived and are on sale now!

The Discount Card is YG's biggest fundraiser each year, and we really need every YG member to actively participate in selling cards. Offer your neighbors, friends, teachers, etc. the opportunity to save money by purchasing a card - savings aren't limited just to your family!
The cards cost $10 each and have offers for 23 local merchants that are good throughout 2020. (See the attached order form for all of the participating offers).
-Other organizations have raised the price of their cards - we're staying at $10 to deliver the most value to those who support our program!
We ask that each member/family try to sell 5-10 cards, more if possible.
In order to maximize savings throughout 2020, we encourage each member of a family that would be going out to eat locally to have their own card.
For instance, take a family with two teenagers. If their mom has the only card in the family, what happens when the two kids are going to two different restaurants to have lunch with friends on a half-day of school? Only one of them can save money, not both. Additionally, if the kids forget to ask their mom for the card in advance, neither one saves money. However, if both kids had their own card, in addition to their mom and any other family members, there would be no issue, and each family member can save money every time they go to one of the restaurants. Selling 5-10 cards doesn't sound like that many after all, does it?
Here's how Youth Group handles discount card sales....
1. Take orders from your family/friends/neighbors (see attached order form) and collect the money.
-The order form displays all of the offers on the card if customers ask.
2. Then, see Barb to exchange the money for the cards to deliver to your customers.
3. In addition to our YG meetings, you can also bring money from orders to any weekend mass through mid-January, as Barb and I will be selling cards to parishioners after every mass. (Saturday 5:30p mass, Sunday 7:30a, 9:30a, 11:30a masses).

4. If you need cards sooner than the next YG meeting or Sunday mass, just get in touch with Barb or I.
Discount cards make great last-minute Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers! (and best of all, you can avoid the chaos and lines at malls!)
Your active participation in our fundraisers keeps the Youth Group program dues-free.

Below is the 2020 Discount Card Order Form.

**For proper printing, click "download", and then open the document & print from the Adobe Reader software (or other pdf viewer software).
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