The Lock-In will not take place this weekend, due to a low headcount of "yes" RSVPs.
-The activities for the night are not effective with such a small group.
-Please let your friends know, as not everyone checks their email regularly (or read the messages we send).

We will postpone until the new year, and the new date for the Lock-In will be Saturday January 11th (5p-7a).

Please save the new Lock-In date and let your parents know so they keep the date clear. 
-If there is anything going on that night that you know will impact our attendance, please let us know as soon as possible.
-By your committing to the date, you'll increase the chances of the January date working out.

Also, for those of you that were planning on attending the LockIn on Saturday, 
we will be holding an open meeting from 7-10pm this Saturday night.
-Those in attendance will be able to select the activities from among several options.
-We will have the usual snacks and drinks.
-If you were a "yes" for the LockIn but aren't going to come to the open meeting, 
please let us know so that we're not showing up for 1 people.

A reminder - there is NO YG meeting scheduled on Sunday night.

All of the start-of-year & trip handouts are available via the links above.
Fall Schedule and Notes, Registration Packet, Kickoff Letter, Handbook, Trip Packet and Lock-In Permission Slip

Youth Group is open to all high school students in grades 9-12. 
Invite a friend (or a few) to come and join YG with you!
Upperclassmen are just as welcome to join as the incoming freshmen.
New members are welcome at any Sunday night meeting.
(YG members do not need to be from St. Agnes or from any particular school.)

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

Barbara Dietrick and Robert Kircher, Directors of Youth Ministry